About Us

The Blue Pig Company, established in 2004 at Mearbeck and Holly Dene Farms in the Yorkshire Dales, specialises in  producing Dry Cured and Oak Smoked Bacons and Gammon as well as 75% lean pork Sausages and Black Pudding.

All our products are handmade by Andrew Bradley whose family have farmed at Mearbeck for 5 generations.

Our pork is from outdoor reared pigs to ensure the highest welfare standards for the animals and the best flavour for our customers.

Our products are prepared in our new butchery in Settle, allowing us to meet an increased demand for a traditionally reared product.

The Blue Pig Company is proud to be working with local Yorkshire/Lancashire and Cumbrian farmers, keeping a traditional/less intensive style of farming alive.

Sadly, meat production in the UK is following an American "factory farming" style forcing the smaller farmer out of business. We are doing a little bit to fight back.

Although demand often outstrips supply, we aim to deliver within 2 days of receiving an order but occasionally it can take a little longer.

Customers enjoy pork packed with flavour and by selling on-line, keeping marketing to a minimum, they receive true quality at a competitive price.

We supply local Resaurants, Cafes, Delicatessen and Bed and Breakfast businesses as well as Artisan Pie Makers.

The Blue Pig Company delivers locally and BBQs at events both large and small.