Who said pork fat was unhealthy?

For donkeys years we have been told that fat was bad for us and by inference things like sausages would lead you to an early grave. Well we have come across an article in the Free Range magazine by Nina Plank. Nina started the first farmers markets in London in 1990 and has written several books about "proper" food. This is what she has to say...

"The fat in pork (and lard and bacon) is mostly unsaturated. That's right... the one all the experts agree is healthy. Most of the unsaturated fat in pork is monounsaturated oleic acid, the same fat in olive oil. Yes the one that's good for your heart.

About half the fat in pork is saturated... The main effect of natural saturated fat is to raise high density lipoprotein the so called good cholesterol. In places like Borneo a diet rich in pork, the fat is prized for physical, sexual and spiritual health."

It would seem that eating sausages and a nice bit of crackling on your roast pork need not be a guilty pleasure. Who knows as well as looking after your heart it might also do some good for your sex life too!