Think Pig

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There has been some coverage in the media recently regarding the welfare of pigs. Much of this has come on the back of the RSPCA campaign "Think Pig". We share many of the RSPCA's concerns and aims as many of you know. The RSPCA wants consumers to look out for free range pork just like ours and it is worth repeating that pork tastes much better if it is free range. Our pigs have spent the summer digging and grazing, but interestingly not much digging in the drought. Although that changed when it did rain and much porcine fun was had rooting out the risen worms.

Our pigs have shelter from the worst of the weather in pig arcs but, during the long sunny days of this summer, have spent a lot of time wallowing in the beck.  We also like to let our sows farrow indoors in roomy sheds with lots of straw when the weather is against us. New born piglets soon get exposure if they have rain on their backs and we get lots of rain in the Dales. But as soon as they are old enough to stand getting wet, out they go again.

So please, if you want free range pork, check out the online shop on this site and we are sure you will tick the RSPCA boxes. Whats more you will be able to savour the extra flavour that comes from free range, rare breed pigs.