No we are not talking about either the dance or the relish. Although that might be more interesting. In this case SALSA stands for Safe And Local Supplier Approval. We have recently been "approved" by the SALSA scheme.

Essentially we now have a paper trail that shows how our production systems are safe and fully traceable. We can literally trace a sausage or slice of bacon right back to the pig they came from. We can show how we control all the risks that can occur during the production of the food we make. We know you can have death by acronym but the heart of it all are HACCPs – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. These describe in minute detail not only how we make things but also how we make them safe and wholesome. We also have full ingredient and allergen declarations.

This scheme is like an assurance scheme for businesses who would like to retail our products. But for us its more than that. It also shows we have gone the extra mile to make sure all Blue Pig products are are safe and wholesome for all our customers. Thats pretty fundamental for a food business and we believe it matters that we can show we care enough to be better than bog standard.